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Since McLean is home to the SK Group office location, we thought it only fitting to kickstart our Raving Fans Rewards program celebrating this vibrant and warm community in Northern Virginia as our feature this season. McLean is a family-friendly suburb and also home to many diplomats, businessmen, members of Congress, and high-ranking government officials partly due to its proximity to Washington, D.C. It is the location of the famous Hickory Hill, the former residence of Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy. Downtown McLean offers a wide variety of small businesses adding flair to this welcoming community. One such business is Greenberry’s Coffee, Ltd.

Greenberry’s Coffee Co. started in 1992 as a small coffee shop and roasting company in Charlottesville, VA. Greenberry’s has been looking for ways to distinguish themselves from your typical cookie cutter shop. They’ve never forgotten their roots. They continue to hand roast every batch of coffee and their winning combination includes great coffee, outstanding products and superlative service. The store location in McLean, VA at 6839 Redmond Dr. Is owned and operated by Sunny Ivey, a longtime McLean resident herself. Sunny’s vision and high standards of quality, she has put into practice Greenberry’s mission of creating a “home away from home” environment for people to enjoy quiet moments or fun social gatherings over great coffee.

Greenberry’s also offers a wide selection of baked goods, light food fare and other refreshments as cutting edge coffee products such as nitro and cold brew. With winter in full swing, what a better way to warm up with a cup of Greenberry’s coffee…to bring delight to even the dreariest of days. We hope you will love Greenberry’s as much as we do and meet us for a coffee there sometime.


Welcome to our second issue of our Raving Fans Rewards Program celebrating another vibrant community in Norther Virginia, Tysons Corner.

Tysons or Tysons Corner, is nestled between McLean and Vienna. Originally known as Peach Grove, Tysons was formerly a quiet rural intersection during the Civil War – centuries later it has become a modernized “mini city.” Being within the Washington Metropolitan Area, Tysons has a vibrant environment that makes it home to a plethora of successful businesses and super-regional shopping malls. Additionally, its location near the Capital Beltway, Washington Dulles International Airport, and Metro makes transportation simple and efficient. Currently, Tysons is labeled as an “edge city” as the 40-year old area has modernized with the influx of new developments and reconstruction. Many investments have been made within Tysons, as the community is full of potential and has begun to take off with many successful businesses.

Among these successful businesses and one of our favorites in the ‘edge city’ is the critically acclaimed Lebanese Taverna, established, owned and operated by the Abi-Najm family since 1979. The story has it that in 1976, Tanios and Marie Abi-Najm along with their their five young children, Dory, Dany, David, Gladys and Grace, boarded a cargo ship in the middle of the night to escape the Civil War in Lebanon. Bound for Arlington, VA, where other family members had already been living, Tanios, Marie and their children set course for their new life. In 1979, after having worked in several local restaurants, the family saved enough to purchase a humble corner restaurant in the Westover neighborhood of Arlington. Being practical, they kept the original sign, “Athenian Teverna”, but changed one word, and thus the “Lebanese Taverna” legacy was born. Now, after nearly 4 decades and numerous locations in the national capital region, the Lebanese Taverna has won the hearts and taste buds of foodies all over town, including ours. It has been recognized by numerous media outlets and publications as a staple in the local region for the very best Mediterranean cuisines.

Our efforts this time are two-fold. We wanted to help support our local business community in these financially difficult times, and also help you, our Raving Fan, with dinner plans by ordering your next meal at Lebanese Taverna. Enclosed is a gift card, which can be used at any of their 12 locations.

Visit their website at https://lebanesetaverna.com to view the options.

Thank you for being part of our supportive community.