Moving Checklist

 Here is a comprehensive checklist to help you stay on track while preparing for your move.

2 months before moving


1 month before moving

o   Friend and family

o   Employer

o   Insurance companies

o   Credit cards companies

o   Creditors

o   Lawyers

o   Broker

o   Accountant

o   Boxes

o   Packing tape

o   Permanent markers

o   Colored stickers – to sort our boxes by room

o   Newspapers or other cushioning material

o   Rope and/or twine


2 weeks before moving

o   Which room it goes in

o   If it is fragile

o   If it should be unloaded first

1 week before closing

o   Telephone

o   Internet

o   Electric

o   Water

o   Gas

o   Trash

o   Cable/Satellite

o   Newspaper

o   Magazine subscriptions

1 day before moving day/settlement

On moving day/settlement

After your arrival

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